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Biogreen Materials


Primex Plastics, along with our subsidiaries, is committed to sustainable practices that are ethical, responsible and create value for customers, employees and future generations.

Your brand’s enviornmental practices will benefit from our efforts to reduce, reuse, recycle and replace.

You can count on Primex Plastics to use responsible business practices that protect our natural resources while enhancing the value and quality of your product. After all, we’re all responsible for where that end product ends up after its use has passed.

Primex is leading the way in providing higher sustainable resources with our increasing line of post-consumer products, biodegradeable products and …. ALL of this while maintaining and even reducing the price compared to the competition.

At Primex Plastics we believe it is the sum of price, quality, service and sustainable efforts that make us the value-added leader.

Since 2013 we are challenging all of our customers to use more sustainable resources and practices. The benefit goes beyond environmental. Our customers can market many end products, including packaging, as ‘green.’ This is a value-add to consumers when purchasing.