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Technical Support

We offer the service to attract and obtain new customers and the potential to offer new and improved products to existing customers.

Recognized throughout the industry for our expertise, our technical support team and our John J. Farber Technology & Innovation Center can help you troubleshoot any challenges you may encounter, and provide support on how to achieve better thermoforming results.

Our customers value our expert, confidential insight and appreciate the value-added service we bring to their Primex partnership.

Primex is here to assist you each step of the way.

Primex Experts

  • Combined 95 years experience by our panel of experts
  • Manufacturing and technical backgrounds
  • Material and process knowledge
  • Secondary process knowledge

Paul Uphaus

678.989.1450 | Email Paul

Paul has more than 24 years combined experience in Operations, Quality and as a Sales professional. He has a strong working knowledge of all related materials as well as a highly developed technical background.

Matt Vandivier

765.973.0151 | Email Matt

Matt has over 20 years experience and a broad material and testing knowledge that can support your material selection and product validation needs.

Chris Hicks

765.973.0157 | Email Chris

Chris has over 21 years experience ranging from manufacturing and quality to material and product evaluation and testing.

Dan Purpura

412.944.3440 | Email Dan

Dan has over 10 years of experience as an Application Development / Technical Service Specialist.

Rob Wells

765.973.0180 | Email Rob

Rob has over 20 years experience in implementing and maintaining ISO quality systems. All nine of our manufacturing locations are ISO 9001 registered.

Primex John J. Farber Technology & Innovation Center

  • Analytical and mechanical analysis
  • Large and small scale production trials
  • Ability to handle a broad range of requests, most within five business days
  • Most activities done as a service to our customers
  • We will provide an unbiased look at provided samples
  • In house thermoforming capability

We’ll help you demonstrate better value to your customers!