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Printable Plastics

Since 1965, Primex has been an industry leader for a reason. Our skilled team consistently delivers custom solutions to printable plastics clients across the United States—on budget and on time.

We always follow the strictest specifications while using state-of-the-art technologies and manufacturing equipment to ensure your long-term success.


Strength: Our printable plastics solutions can be formulated for optimal strength and durability.

Performance: We offer high-performance solutions that include heat deflection, anti-color fading, and antimicrobial formulations.

Customization: We create custom solutions to fit your needs and offer options that are lightweight, have a broad range of feel, ease of formability, and more.

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Plastic Sheet

Primex is the leader in custom extruded plastic sheet and roll products for thermoforming, fabrication and printing. We are one of the largest plastic sheet producers in the country, and manufacture a wide variety of materials with special additives, features and characteristics to meet your unique needs.

Products and Services

Design & Fabrication

From concept to solution, prototype to production, Primex delivers customized, printable plastics solutions for products, material handling and protection, shipping, and more.



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