Sales and Customer Service

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Corporate/Richmond, IN: 800.222.5116
Reedsburg, WI: 877.524.6777
Oakwood, GA: 800.225.9272
Garfield, NJ: 678.989.1458
Mesquite, NV: 800.421.2936

Corporate/Richmond, IN

Vice President Sales & Marketing
Tim Schultz

Central Region

Central Region Business Manager
Robert Stephens

Territory Business Managers
John Kittner
Kevin D’Arcy
Bryan Lindquist
Jeff Schilling

East Region

East Region Business Manager
Travis Hopper

Territory Business Managers
Jeff Gusaeff
Mike Merschbach
Lou Champy
Scott Kretzschmar
Eric Van Winter

West Region

West Region Business Manager
Jim McVicar

Territory Business Managers
Tom Krusenklaus
Mark Baron
Tom Navarro

Inside Sales Representatives
Tony Call – Manager (Richmond, IN)
Dave Bertsch (Richmond, IN)
Dale Blunk (Richmond, IN)
Travis Call (Richmond, IN)
Eric Honeycutt (Richmond, IN)
Scott Suggs,(Richmond, IN)
Lynelle Roessler – Manager (Reedsburg, WI)
Cheryl Gavin (Reedsburg, WI)
Evon Schuenke (Reedsburg, W)
Patty Creiston (Reedsburg, WI)
Tom Fischer – Manager (Oakwood, GA)
Doug Beaver (Oakwood, GA)
Ken Brown (Oakwood, GA)
Missy Worl (Oakwood, GA & Garfield, NJ)
Tom Navarro – Manager (Mesquite, NV)
Jamie Houston (Mesquite, NV)
Lovey Garcia (Mesquite, NV)
Miguel Andrade (Mesquite, NV)

Director of Applications Development & Technical Services
Paul Uphaus

Applications Development Coordinator
Matt Vandivier

Process Development Engineering Manager
Dan Purpura

National Distribution Manager
Stephen Garmon

Print Market Specialist
Theresa Vanna

Commercial Development Applications Engineer
Jeff Burke

Color, Compounding & Additives

New Jersey: 800.282.7933
Tennessee: 800.234.6159

Business Unit Director
Doug Borgsdorf

Director of Sales & Business Development
Paul Cusolito

Director of Technology and Development
Anthony Montalvo

Product Managers
Lee Pfaffle
David Boudreau

Territory Business Manager – Greater Chicago Region
Arash Ari Rashtchian

Territory Business Manager – Northeast Region
Garrett Donatelli

Territory Business Manager – Southeast Region
Justin Rosenbleeth

Territory Business Manager – Ohio Valley & Michigan Region
Dan Huhn

Inside Sales Representatives:
Carmen Flores (Garfield, NJ)
Linda Dojer (Garfield, NJ)
Beth Cross (Jasper, TN)
Bethanei Kerby (Jasper, TN)

multiple colored piles of resin pieces

Design & Fabrication

Indiana: 800.935.2990

Business Unit Director
Doug Borgsdorf

Midwest Regional Manager
Linda Balwinski

Territory Business Manager – Southeast Region
Cleve Campbell

Territory Business Manager – Central Region
Ray Schwartz

Territory Business Manager – North East Region
Nikole Graybill

Inside Sales/Territory Business Manager (IN, KY)
Chad Scalf

Inside Sales Representatives:
Liz Medaris
Sandy Smith
Derek Willis

man working in corporate office

Primex European Division

+44 (0) 1325 315768

General Manager
Alan Pollitt

Manufacturing Manager
Gary Clement

Business Development Manager
Alan Harding

Sales Executive
Tom Birkett

Finance Manager
Debbie Thompson

Frances Lee

Customer Service Administrators
Sandra Florentino
Liz Tribick