Prime Tuff-X™

Prime Tuff-X™ (Rigid TPO) is a thermoplastic olefin that fills the gap between engineered plastics and high-performance Polyolefins. Prime Tuff-X has excellent impact, low C.L.T.E, UV protection, and is highly chemical resistant.

tuff-x golf cart
mini RV camper


  • Low Coefficient of linier thermal expansion contraction (C.L.T.E)
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Highly chemical resistant
  • Weatherability
  • Stiffness ranging from 225-500,000 flex modulus


  • Automotive
  • RV
  • Marine
  • Agricultural
  • Lawn & garden
  • ATV/golf carts
  • Heavy truck
  • Industrial

Purchase Prime Tuff-X in sheets or rolls from:


  • White
  • Black
  • Natural
  • Custom colors available upon request; minimums apply


  • Haircell
  • Smooth high gloss
  • Levant
  • Coin
  • Diamond plate
  • Sandblast


  • .055-.450


  • Up to 120”


  • Drilling
  • Routing
  • Punching
  • Sawing
  • Laser or die cut
  • Painting
  • Bonded
red modern lawn-mower
Tuff-X ATV roof
inside of car

Tuff-X Solutions

Prime Tuff-X™ (Tuff-X 200, 301, Super Tuff-X, and Super Tuff-X 500)

Our Prime Tuff-X is an engineered alloy that fills the gap between engineered plastics and high-performance Polyolefins.

Prime Tuff-X™ FR

Our Prime Tuff-X 200 FR is our Prime Tuff-X with a flame-retardant characteristic. It has a higher flexural modulus than Prime Tuff-X and a V1 flammability rating in accordance with UL Standard 94.

Prime Tuff-X™ M

Our Prime Tuff-X M is a flexible TPO product that is ideal for flooring applications.

Prime Tuff-X™ 518 SWR

Our Prime Tuff-X 518 SWR is a TPO for extrusion and forming applications. Prime Tuff-X 518 SWR has been optimized to improve scratch whitening resistance.

Prime Tuff-XTM 300

Technical Data Sheet

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