UV Inhibitor Additive

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Ultraviolet (UV) stabilizers extend the useful life of products exposed to the damaging effects of sunlight or other sources of ultraviolet radiation. We use UV inhibitors to protect the material by absorbing harmful wavelengths and/or interfering with the free radical formation of the polymer molecules from UV exposure.

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PCCA has a broad line of and UV inhibitor additive masterbatches coupled with years of experience in stabilizing most polymer systems for both FDA and non-FDA applications. Consider using UV inhibitor additives anytime your product is exposed to outdoor and/or extreme processing conditions.

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All Primex locations are ISO 9001 certified and we operate an A2LA accredited lab. Using advanced development techniques, we’re able to identify the best materials and production methods during the R&D phase of your project and quickly scale-up to full production. The results of this early partnership save costs and reduce your time to market.

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