Automotive Packaging and Dunnage

Primex Design & Fabrication provides automotive packaging ranging from dividers and foam dunnage for hand held containers to steel rack partitions and portable rack systems.

We can design, engineer and fabricate your custom returnable automotive packaging to be durable and protect your product in any industrial environment with either actual parts or a virtual model file. All of our plastic corrugated, solid sheet and foam packaging will exceed your expectations.

product being packaged


Primex’s automotive packaging solutions provide optimal storage and protection while being durable, lightweight and repairable. Most of our solutions are also able to be recycled at the end of the product lifecycle to meet sustainability needs and requirements. Our production capabilities also allow us to laminate our plastic materials with Class A coverings to prevent part scratching and damage.


Our automotive packaging solutions are completely customizable. Primex can provide a wide variety of plastic materials, including

Our engineers can design interior dunnage with a range of custom foam profiles for ultimate part protection, as well as specialized size and style for efficiency and durability.

black automotive packaging
custom plastic totes


Automotive packaging applications include:

  • Reusable packaging
  • Work-in-process packaging
  • Bulk containers
  • Small packaging
  • Steel rack systems

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