Primex Design & Fabrication’s custom partition sets are designed to create part density and protection while transporting valuable products. All of our partition sets can be designed to fit existing packaging, or our design engineers can create new reusable, protective packaging to meet your application requirements.

box of partitions
plastic partitions


Our custom-designed partition sets are strong, durable, lightweight – all while providing excellent part protection. Primex partition sets are produced from recyclable plastic materials and can be reused time and time again versus paper corrugated.


Partition sets are ideal for part separation, part surface protection, and pack density control.


As with our protective packaging, Primex partition sets are customizable to meet your specific requirements. We offer a variety of material colors, including custom color matching services. Our partition sets can be designed with a specific part density in mind and can be customized to fit any type of tote or container.

Need extra protection against scratches? We offer many laminate materials to protect against scratching, including Class A surface protection.


box filled with partition dividers

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