About Primex

From our start with one machine in 1965 to our expanding network of facilities and state-of-the-art equipment today, the core of our business remains meeting customer needs with high quality, completely tailored solutions.

Our History

What We Do

Primex uniquely combines every aspect of materials innovation, extrusion, design, and fabrication into one unified organization. Our vertical integration gives customers ease of access, extraordinary products, and exceptional value.

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Who We Serve

Plastic plays a key role in nearly every aspect of the global economy. From vehicles to packaging to life-saving medical devices, Primex helps turn ideas into reality today and into the future.

Customer Markets

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What We Make Possible

Our technical support team and resources make Primex a leader in material innovation. We solve the problems you face today and create breakthrough products for the future.

Latest Innovations

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How We Make an Impact

Primex, along with our subsidiaries, are committed to sustainable practices that are ethical, responsible and create value for customers, employees and future generations.

Eco-friendly Programs

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Where We Operate

With locations around the United States and in England as well as the global relationships we enjoy through our parent company, ICC Corporation, Primex offers end-to-end service for companies around the world.

Worldwide Locations

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Why Choose Primex

With more than 55 years’ experience in plastics, Primex still stands for quality, expertise, and innovation. We have grown to a global company, but we still maintain our customer-focused values.

Our Unique Mission

“PCCA Customer Service is out-of-control great. Thank you for doing what you do for us.”
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