Desiccant Concentrates

Our DSX desiccant concentrates can be used in various resin systems to meet any of your material performance enhancement requirements.

colorful desiccant concentrates
primex conveyor belt with black recycled pieces going down the line


Primex Color, Compounding & Additives’ line of desiccant additive masterbatches can be used in various resin systems.

All of our additives can be formulated to meet customer needs, including both FDA and non-FDA applications.

Why Primex desiccant concentrates?

Desiccant concentrates work by binding moisture during the processing of plastic materials. The active ingredient in desiccant masterbatches reacts chemically with water molecules and effectively removes them from the system. Ideal for humid environments, desiccant additives typically are used to prevent issues linked to the high moisture content in recycled polymers. This allows for higher use of post-consumer resins.

Technical Services and Solutions

All Primex locations are ISO 9001 certified and we operate an A2LA accredited lab. Using advanced development techniques, we’re able to identify the best materials and production methods during the R&D phase of your project and quickly scale up to full production. The results of this early partnership save costs and reduce your time to market.

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