Faraprene™ W-Series Wet Grip TPE

Primex offers a wide range of TPE grades to meet market needs ranging from general-purpose indoor and outdoor products to automotive, industrial, and specialty applications. Faraprene™ TPE compounds are formulated to meet critical performance requirements.

coffee pot sitting on kitchen counter
top edge of opened car door


  • Addresses problems of slipperiness in soft-touch components
  • Retains mechanical performance characteristics in wet/dry applications
  • Appropriate for injection molding and extrusion applications



  • Door trim
  • Handles
  • Instrumentation
  • Buttons
  • Knobs
  • Compartment liners
  • Non-skid pads


  • Door handles for appliances
  • Foot pads for mixers and blenders
  • Grips and knobs for small appliances.
stainless steel refrigerator
car radio display


  • Soft, flexible feel
  • Excellent grip characteristics
  • Adhesion to polypropylene and polyethylene substrates
  • Drying not required
  • Available in a multitude of durometers
  • Easily colorable
  • Custom available to meet specific manufacturing and end-user needs

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