Primex Transport

At Primex, our product transportation is as customized as our plastics manufacturing.

  • Local and long-distance delivery
  • On-time, damage-free commitment
  • Closed loop recycling
full length view of Primex semi truck driving down the road
view of primex semi driving down the road cut off halfway

Freight Options

We manage our fleet locally out of almost all of our plastics manufacturing locations. Our logistics team creates a custom plan for your order, regardless of size, type, or deadline.

  • Prepaid freight available
  • Truckload deliveries
  • On-time delivery
  • Regrind and scrap pickup available
packaged items in Primex semi trailer

Primex Delivery

Primex Transport makes sure that each delivery reaches your location ready to meet your needs. We work with your timeframe, budget, and requirements for a seamless experience.

  • Careful packing and handling
  • Courteous drivers
  • Detailed tracking
primex semi truck


Our commitment to sustainability not only applies to our plastics manufacturing. It also extends to our product transportation.

  • Trucks are governed to 70mph top speed
  • Progressive shifting saves another 60,000 gallons of fuel annually
  • Auxiliary power units for long-distance sleeper cabs save 30,000 gallons of fuel per year
  • Trailer skirts provide 25,000 gallons of fuel savings annually
  • Shipment coordination cuts CO2 emissions and further reduces fuel consumption
  • Toll road passes reduce fuel waste from idling and upshifting

Our Commitment to Sustainability

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