Antistatic and ESD Additives for Plastic

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Antistatic and ESD additives control the buildup of static charges in thermoplastic parts, enabling them to dissipate by absorbing and ionizing moisture from the air, which forms a conductive path for surface static charges.

muffins in antistatic plastic wrap
multiple rolls of anti static plastic rolls

Why do we need antistatic and ESD additives?

Most plastic materials act as electrical insulators and can build up a static charge. Static is produced by charge separation caused by the movement of one material over another. This can result in issues, including:

  • Increased handling and contamination issues
  • Dust attraction affects both product appearance and performance
  • Risk of electrostatic discharge that can damage sensitive electronic equipment
  • Risk of electrical discharge causing shocks to employees and even fire and explosion


Our antistatic and ESD additives are compatible with a variety of processes including blow molding, injection molding, extrusion, and file processing. All plastic additives from Primex Color, Compounding & Additives can be formulated for specific customer needs, including FDA and non-FDA applications.

Factors to consider when selecting the appropriate anti-stat include:

  • Resin type
  • Material surface resistivity requirement
  • Environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity
  • Presence of other additives, including slip, etc.
isolated roll of anti static plastic wrap
electric panel inside view

Technical Services and Solutions

All Primex locations are ISO 9001 certified and we operate an A2LA accredited lab. Using advanced development techniques, we’re able to identify the best materials and production methods during the R&D phase of your project and quickly scale-up to full production. The results of this early partnership save costs and reduce your time to market.

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