Distribution Packaging

Primex Design & Fabrication’s custom-designed distribution packaging solutions are designed to protect valuable products en route to distributors, retailers, and end-users. Interior protective solutions, including custom dividers and partitions, foam inserts, dunnage, bags, and wraps, are easily added.

Whether it’s snacks, electronics, or any other product, our distribution packaging is designed to provide the perfect lightweight, reusable, returnable, and recyclable answer to limited use and expensive corrugated paperboard. Unlike paperboard boxes that fail under adverse weather or shipping conditions, our distribution packaging solutions are built to last, trip after trip.

blye mikesell box
isolated overview of the inside of mikesell box


Our design engineers create distribution packaging solutions that are custom fit for your end-use application. Whether you are looking for storage or supply chain management, our distribution packaging products are durable, lightweight, and are recyclable to meet sustainability standards.


Solutions in our distribution packaging product family include:

  • Trays
  • Gaylords
  • Sleeves
  • Cartons
  • Bins
  • Partitions
  • Totes
custom plastic totes
corrugated plastic tray


Custom is our specialty, and distribution packaging products are no exception. Our solutions can be designed to use a wide range of materials and can be tailored to custom sizes and styles to create efficiency. Our products are available in standard and custom colors and can be digitally printed for branding.

“They offered custom-engineering, a great way to brand our product during the shipping phase, and the added convenience and savings of being only an hour away.”
Luke Mapp, President, Mikesells

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