The Primex family of companies is dedicated to meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future. We believe that sustainability is a collaborative, interdisciplinary field to which all stakeholders contribute.

Full sustainability mission statement and charter.

2023 Sustainability Annual Report

100,000,000 + lbs
plastic recycled every year
375,000+ sq foot
dedicated space for recycling
300,000 KWH
renewable energy purchases per month
hand holding plant


At every step of our process and for every product we develop, Primex works to implement practices to reduce waste, excess material, and energy use.

Our robust schedule of energy audits, commitment to shipment coordination and backhauls, and detailed employee education programs, build sustainability throughout our business.

Primex Reedsburg is an EPA Green Power partner.

reusable plastic material


We reward business lines, facilities, and employees for creative reuse ideas.

We’ve implemented unique programs that reuse packaging, recaptured manufacturing by-products, and reduced the impact of process heating and cooling.

handful of green plastic pieces


At Primex, we divert more than 200 million+ pounds of plastic every year from the waste stream to reclamation programs.

Our own plastic recycling facilities not only support our internal efforts, but also provide recycling services to many of our customers.

corx sheets machine


Our innovation center constantly looks for sustainable, efficient alternatives to petroleum-based materials. We accomplish this through collaboration with our vendors and new product development.

Current Initiatives – A Better Tomorrow, Starting Today.

Prime ReCycle™ PCR Materials

Prime ReCycle™ PCR is designed to help support broader recycling efforts and thereby lessen the amount of plastic in landfills or the natural environment. This gives Primex customers a more sustainable product option. See more about our Prime ReCycle PCR products.

Prime Bio Plastics

Our Prime BioGreen®650, BioGraph.ics®, and Absolve® materials provide a sustainable option for customers that are looking for environmentally friendly alternatives.  Available in various polymers; Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, Cor-X, and many more. Based on the availability of resin.

Prime ReCycle™ Materials

Prime ReCycle™ Materials are produced with post-industrial recycled materials from two durable waste streams. Materials are sourced through recycling efforts of both internal manufacturing processes and external customers’ processes. Available in various polymers; Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, and many more.

closeup of Faraprene product

Faraprene R-Series™

Our popular Faraprene™ line now includes a specialty post-consumer-recycled TPE option. Faraprene R-Series delivers sustainability without sacrificing performance. See Data Sheets on Faraprene.

PrintRenew by Primex Design & Fabrication

Primex Design & Fabrication’s latest line of sustainable print products, PrintRenew, is the answer to creating beautiful displays and signage that also helps you achieve your business sustainability goals.

different swatches of color samples and colored plastic pieces


Our custom biocolors introduce eco-friendly color compounding into your sustainable plastic products. Depending on your application and chosen biobased resin, biocolors can give your product a more complete green profile and allow for more environmentally responsible reuse and disposal.

Primex commits to Operation Clean Sweep.

We are excited to announce the latest initiative in our sustainability mission, Operation Clean Sweep. Our president, Mike Cramer, details the program and our commitment to a better future in our latest video.

Our Commitment

We at Primex Plastics, along with our subsidiaries, are committed to ethical, responsible business practices that meet and often exceed all regulatory requirements.

Our sustainable practices enhance the value and quality of your product and honor our commitment to be environmental stewards, protecting our natural resources for our customers, employees, and future generations.

Primex Plastics also has a strong commitment to our economy. We implement and maintain practices that support long-term economic growth and financial stability for our stakeholders and communities.

We pride ourselves on being good neighbors, both locally and worldwide, not only through our support of community outreach programs and sponsorships but also by safeguarding the interests of our employees and the environment.

We value the strong partnerships we have with our customers and vendors and know that together we will meet and exceed your needs and expectations today and tomorrow.

Primex Sustainability Committee

Chairperson: Blake Pace

Committee Members: Theresa Vanna, Jarrod Neuman, Lee Pfaffle, Dan Purpura, Rob Wells, Tim Wilson, Darin Dubbs, Chris Helms, Kayla Clevenger, Stephen Garmon

Questions about our sustainability efforts? Send us a message. 

Primex Sustainability: A Better Tomorrow, Starting Today.

From how we power our operations to the specific materials we use to the ways we give back to our communities, Primex is dedicated to sustainability throughout our organization.