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Reduction includes practices that decrease waste and excess in manufacturing and in finished product, coordination of shipments and backhauls, energy audits, employee education and more.


Reuse of packaging is prevalent at each of the facilities. Employees are recognized for their creative savings ideas and unique programs are being developed to recapture manufacturing by-products such as process heating or cooling.


Divert hundreds of millions of pounds annually from the waste stream. In addition to internal reclaim programs many customers are assisted in their reclamation goals.


Look at alternatives that are more sustainable or enhance efficiencies through polymer engineering, renewable resources, bio-based materials and/or design improvements.

Every step Primex takes enhances our customers’ environmental practices.

Although people use the words “green” and “sustainable” interchangeably, there is a difference.

“Green” generally means reducing environmental damage. But it often overlooks the supply chain, where typically more attention is given to the price of materials than to their environmental or human consequences. “Sustainability” is a complete system of making sure all the resources used to benefit the current generation will not harm future generations.

Being an environmental steward means leading by example. Every step we take at Primex Plastics is done with designed and engineered strategies that minimize the impact on the environment.

Read about our broad sustainability efforts across our “One Company” product lines 

Primex Partnership with Philadelphia Eagles is a Big Winner!
Watch how Primex helps the Eagles recycle stadium seats.

We at Primex Plastics, along with our subsidiaries, are committed to sustainable practices that are ethical, responsible, and create value for customers, employees and future generations. Your brand’s enviornmental practices will benefit from our efforts to reduce, reuse, recycle and replace.

You can count on Primex Plastics to use responsible business practices that protect our natural resources while enhancing the value and quality of your product. After all, we’re all responsible for where that end product ends up after its use has passed.

Primex is leading the way in providing higher sustainable resources with our growing line of post-consumer products and biodegradeable products. All of this while offering competitive pricing.

At Primex Plastics we believe it is the sum of price, quality, service and sustainable efforts that make us the value-added leader.

primex-greenSince 2013 we are challenging all of our customers to use more sustainable resources and practices. The benefit goes beyond environmental. Our customers can market many end products, including packaging, as “green”; offering additional value to the ultimate consumers who purchase your products.