Solid Plastic Products

When looking for strength, solid plastic provides high impact resistance and customization options to meet your needs.

colorful solid plastic sheets
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Primex Design & Fabrication’s solid plastic products are designed to provide optimal impact protection while also meeting sustainability requirements. Our designers take pride in creative innovative solutions utilizing our solid plastic sheet materials.


Primex offers a wide variety of solid plastic materials for use in our fabricated products.

Solid Plastic Fabrication:

  • Forming
  • Digital printing
  • Die cutting
  • WaterJet cutting
  • Routing
  • Textures
colorful plastic sheets
PET sneeze guard


Solid plastic can be fabricated into a wide array of reusable plastic products and packaging.

  • Layer pads
  • Partition sets
  • Liners
  • Stiffeners
  • Trays
  • Lids

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