Dry Dispersion Pigments

Dry dispersion pigments, sometimes referred to as dry paint or dry powder concentrates, are pigment blends designed for fast dry dispersions and homogeneity in large products such as storage tanks, boats and playground equipment.

colorful piles of ry dispersion pigments
containers of dry dispersion pigments on shelves

What are dry dispersion pigments?

Pigment dispersions are dry pigments dispersed in liquid material that are stabilized using resins or surfactants/additives to minimize reagglomeration, a phenomenon where the pigments come back together to form “lumps”. They can contain water, solvent, or be based on a resin that is liquid at room temperature. The pigment dispersion process involves replacing air-solid interfaces in the dry powder with liquid-solid interfaces and separating the clumps of pigment particles so that they are dispersed in the liquid.

Available Blends

Primex Color, Compounding & Additives dry dispersions are sold in bulk pounds or pre-weighed units for a specific batch size.

Available in dry color bulk, the pigment powder is packaged in bulk and can be weighed out based on the appropriate amount to match color and opacity desired. Dry dispersion pigments are also available as dry color bulk for roto-molding. The difference versus regular bulk dry color is that the pigment is pulverized in a hammermill.

spread out piles of dry dispersion pigments

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