Travis Hopper

Eastern Regional Business Manager | Primex Sheet Sales
Travis Hopper headshot

Get to Know Travis

Travis manages the eastern region of the sheet division of Primex.  He has 6 outside salespeople that report to him along with the inside sales people from our Garfield, NJ and Oakwood, GA facilities.  He has responsibility of pounds, dollars and profit numbers and work closely with manufacturing to make sure we are meeting and exceeding our customers expectations.

Areas of Expertise

  • 20+ years of Sales Management experience in the manufacturing sector.
  • Spent the majority of my career in paper manufacturing.
  • Focused on territory development, personal development, developing relationships, national accounts, and continuous improvement.
“Primex has a tremendous history of great people and developing great products. The tenure of the people provides a wealth of knowledge while maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit. It’s a great place to learn. The Primex culture embraces employees. The diversity of products and thinking makes it fun to go to market. It’s one big happy family.”

Q&A with Travis

How long have you been with Primex?
2 Years
How do you spend time outside the office?
Being with my family. We are avid sports fans and love being outdoors. We find whatever spare time that we can to spend together watching games, going to events, and taking in an outdoor activity.
What's a fun fact about you most people don't know?
I’m a member of the Osage Tribe. I love sharing our history, heritage, & having a tradition of several family members serving in our tribal government. My great grandfather has been Chief many years.