Armor VCI Rust Prevention

Armor Protective Packaging® and Primex Plastics Corporation have come together to create a new type of corrugated plastic packaging with the added benefit of rust prevention called Prime-Cor-X® protected by ARMOR. Protect your metal parts from damage and corrosion in production, storage, or transport, with this strong, versatile, lightweight yet durable vapor corrosion inhibitor Corrugated Plastic — it’s a rust-prevention packaging powerhouse!



Prime-Cor-X® protected by ARMOR is available in both polypropylene and polyethylene. These materials are extruded into a three-layer structure with a ribbed or fluted center layer sandwiched between two flat outer layers. This design provides enhanced stability and rigidity and creates air pockets for shock absorption during impact.

To prevent rust, ARMOR VCI Nanotechnology™ (aka, our proprietary formula of vapor corrosion inhibitor) is added to the polypropylene or polyethylene during the manufacturing process. When metal parts are placed or enclosed in VCI Corrugated Plastic, its rust-preventing vapors are released and they form an undetectable shield of protection on the surface of the metal that is clean, safe, and blocks rust.


Our VCI-protected corrugated plastic is completely customizable in any of our protective packaging solutions.

Our engineers can design interior dunnage with a range of custom foam profiles for ultimate part protection, as well as specialized size and style for efficiency and durability.


Applications for VCI-protected corrugated plastic packaging include protective packaging, signage, industrial packaging, agriculture, automotive components and packaging, totes, trays and more!

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