Primex Color, Compounding & Additives Offers New Thermoplastic Elastomers


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April 9, 2018

Primex Color, Compounding & Additives (PCC&A), formerly O’Neil Color & Compounding, a leading supplier of color and polymer solutions for plastics processors, has expanded its line of Faraprene thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs). The additions to the line are a product specifically developed to reduce vibration and TPEs for wet grip applications. The two new products join the Faraprene C Series for high performance needs, Faraprene F301 FDA-compliant compounds and Faraprene H300 general use elastomers.

Decades of research and engineering have made the Faraprene product line unparalleled for its durability, flexibility and critical physical properties. “In addition to outperforming other competitive thermoplastic elastomers in scratch and tear resistance, Faraprene contains no phthalates as found in PVC-based materials,” said PCC&A’s Product Manager Lee Pfaffle, “This makes it ideal for a wide range of consumer and industrial applications.” Additionally, Faraprene is 100 percent recyclable. “It’s a superior choice for molders and manufacturers attempting to reduce their environmental impact,” said Pfaffle.


Faraprene Vibration Dampened TPEs


  • Durable in demanding conditions
  • Absorb energy and noise
  • Improve user experience
  • Reduce impact
  • Design flexibility
  • Minimize motor and engine vibrations


  • Automotive: vibration isolators, grommets, shock absorption pads
  • Appliance: vibration pads for electric motors, foot pads for blenders & mixers

Wet Grip TPEs


  • Addresses problems of slipperiness in soft-touch components
  • Retains mechanical performance characteristics in wet / dry conditions
  • Available in a multitude of durometers


  • Automotive: door trim handles, instrumentation buttons / knobs compartment liners, non-skid pads
  • Appliance: door handles for refrigerators & microwaves, foot pads for mixers & blenders, grips for steam irons, knobs for blenders & coffee makers

According to PCC&A Technical Director Anthony Montalvo “PCC&A custom-formulates all our TPE lines to meet specific customer needs, adding characteristics such as color, UV protection and other properties as needed. PCC&A TPEs are available in a wide range of hardness levels.

By leveraging the resources of the Primex Plastics “One Company”, PCC&A can manage the complete supply chain, from pellet to shipment to recycling, thus providing quality control, warehousing and distribution from six U.S. and one European facility. As part of the $600 million Primex family of companies, the vast R&D, production and sales network provides nationwide assistance to customers as Primex continues to invest in new technology, new personnel and new processes.