O’Neil Announces In-Stock White Program


September 2, 2016

Jasper, Tenn., September 2, 2016 — O’Neil Color & Compounding, a leader in color masterbatches and custom specialty compounds for the plastics processing industry, has announced the availability of stock white colorants for injection, extrusion, co-extrusion and blow molding. The ten stock products are available in various shipment sizes from drum to Gaylord. O’Neil created the standard Stock White line specifically to serve the needs of customers who require a rapid delivery schedule. The new “quick ship” program allows O’Neil to ship ten different white masterbatches in as little as one day.

The program was specifically designed to assist many molders who may need a smaller amount of product for an immediate job, rather than a full truckload. Economies of scale in production of larger quantities allow these molders to order exact amounts for their job while benefiting from advance production of larger quantities of the masterbatches.

“Our stock masterbatches are formulated in a variety of concentrates, polymers and applications,” according to O’Neil Product Manager Lee Pfaffle. “We constantly monitor raw material pricing in order to ensure our customers are getting the best pricing available.” See the chart below for specific products.

All masterbatches in the Quick Ship line are approved for food contact applications. “These products are all produced in Primex Color, Compounding & Additives’s new clean compounding isolated manufacturing line in an environment which virtually eliminates contamination from other products,” said Pfaffle.


All of Primex Color, Compounding & Additives’s products can also be customized with a variety of attributes including fade/UV resistance, release/gloss and laser marking.