New Stronger Shipping Sleeves with Enhanced Durability and Reduced Weight!

Design & Fabrication

ultra pac 360 series

March 8, 2018

Primex Design & Fabrication is now constructing its Sleeve Pak shipping durable sleeves from its lighter, more durable 8mm Bubble-X® board. 

Our newest customer is using 3,000 Bubble-X Sleeve Paks to ship foam seat cushions from several U.S. locations to automotive manufacturers throughout North America. We’ve reduced the thickness from 10mm to 8mm while delivering improved rigidity and protection for the product. The top edge of the sleeve is heat-sealed in order to protect content while loading.

In switching from corrugated paper board to Bubble-X the customer needed quick production time. Last fall Primex installed a custom-built machine for producing the Bubble-X Sleeve Pak. This allows us to reduce production time of customized sleeves by 30 percent.

Combined with a matching pallet and cover, Sleeve Pak is the perfect lightweight, returnable, reusable and recyclable solution. Primex’s high density bubble board delivers protective rigidity along with moisture and chemical resistance. All surfaces of the Bubble-X Sleeve Pak can be screen printed to ensure brand integrity.

Since Primex Sleeve Paks can be folded flat, they require minimal space for storage and return shipment. Bubble-X Sleeve Pak is made from 100 percent recyclable polypropylene and comes in a variety of standard sizes and colors.

Bubble X is a unique three-dimensional board that is 20 times stronger than corrugated paperboard construction. No other process nor material produces this exceptional strength to weight ratio. The Bubble-X board is the only product of its kind manufactured in North America, thus allowing us to produce custom sizes, colors, wall thicknesses and other properties for our customers and provide rapid delivery for very specific applications.”

Primex Design & Fabrication designed the perfect solution, printed the containers to match existing packaging and, because of U.S.-based manufacturing, beat the customer’s delivery expectations. The customer can now fit 90 containers in a 53-foot van. By using Bubble-X products, they can reduce the total number of trucks by nearly 40 percent.

Primex Fabrication can custom-formulate the Bubble-X board to include characteristics such as UV protection, anti-stat and vapor inhibitor.

Standard Sizes Door Sizes
40″ x 40″
40″ x 48″
44″ x 44″
45″ x 48″
44″ x 54″
30″ x 20″
18″ x 15

We can also create the perfect Sleeve Paks for your exact requirements.

Technical Specifications

Thickness GMS
(.102”) 610
(.118”) 910
(.157”) 1295
(.197”) 1520
(.315”) 2275
(.374”) 3300

Available in many standard and custom colors and
characteristics to meet your specific protection needs
including UV, anti-stat and vapor inhibitor.